Course Preview : Macroeconomics for Executives (Online): Navigating Global Risks and Trends at CBS

6 December 2022 | 0 min read

[Video Transcript] Macroeconomics for Executives (Online): Navigating Global Risks and Trends at CBS

>p>Hello and welcome to our program. This program is designed to help you and your business formulate a global strategy. Doing this requires an understanding of global macroeconomic forces. Global economic trends impact every single aspect of your business, demand for your product, the strategy of your suppliers, expansion opportunities, the interest rate on your debt, and so on. And even though the world is complicated and there are never clear answers, as a leader, you need to understand different global macro scenarios, examine how they might play out, and be prepared to respond. Being able to explain those scenarios is critical for persuading others of the value of your strategy. In this program, we approach this analysis using a toolkit that I call, The Macro Scenario Playbook. The playbook builds on the idea that if you are considering a macro scenario, you shouldn't just consider what it means for your business.

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You should consider how it will impact everyone else in the economy and how they will react, because their reaction will introduce new opportunities and new risks to your business. Understanding these opportunities and risks will make you a more effective strategist. Our modules feature lectures, guest interviews with practitioners, a simulation, case studies, interactive activities, and most importantly, a macro scenario playbook for you to evaluate the effect of different scenarios on your business. In addition, we will be engaging together in live interactive events, focusing on some of the latest global macroeconomic trends. I am very excited to share this program with you.

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