How to Get the Best Cybersecurity Salary Package in the Market

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Gartner predicts that by 2025, 60% of organizations will use cybersecurity risk as a primary determinant in third-party transactions and business engagements. That is a clear testament to the importance corporate companies have come to attach to cybersecurity. We also noted that 70% of CEOs will have mandated a culture of organizational resilience to withstand converging threats such as cybercrime, severe weather events, civil unrest, and political instabilities in the same year. As a result, technology giants and small businesses alike are keen to offer lucrative packages of cybersecurity salaries to the right candidates.

But before we delve into a detailed curation of different cybersecurity salary packages, let us recap what this field is all about.

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What is Cybersecurity?

We’re now using advanced and sophisticated technology with almost every interaction, but the boost in its use across several industries creates room for cyber crimes. As a result, the increase in cyberattacks creates a demand for aspiring cybersecurity professionals. And with the increased use of the internet and the world’s preference to move digitally triggers the need for cybersecurity jobs.

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Are Cybersecurity Analysts in Demand and Why?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment rate for cybersecurity analysts will grow by 35 percent from 2021 to 2031 , which is faster compared to other occupations. When practically every business is digital, strong security measures become necessary. Hence, companies are actively investing in safeguarding their data by employing security experts. Naturally, aspiring cybersecurity analysts worldwide are experiencing a tremendous wave of career opportunities.

What is the Average Cybersecurity Salary Based on Job Title

Cybersecurity salary packages are lucrative from the get-go. As a result, entry-level jobs in cybersecurity are also desirable in terms of pay. Moreover, the type of work you do within the huge scope of cybersecurity also has a role to play in determining your remuneration. So, let’s find out the cybersecurity salary packages for various roles.

1. Cybersecurity Analyst

Cybersecurity analysts recognize the vulnerabilities in the system before the hackers do and make the necessary fixes before the hackers get inside the system. A security analyst governs the timely security and firewall upgrades. In case of a malware attack, the cybersecurity analyst assesses the loopholes and fixes them as they’re spotted.

Average Salary: $80,000 per year according to

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2. Cybersecurity Engineer

A cybersecurity engineer is a prime member of the company’s cybersecurity department. Professionals in this role draw a handsome salary as they are multitaskers with a strong foundation in technical security.

A cybersecurity engineer structures and implements security solutions and performs particular engineering functions while checking security systems’ performance against hacking attempts.

Average Salary: $140,000 per year according to

3. Cybersecurity Architect

The cybersecurity architect structures the security systems and leads the security team. Along with developing strong security systems, the cybersecurity architect looks after current security enhancements, performs regular security tests, and creates an effective disaster recovery plan.

Cybersecurity architects are the spine of the entire cybersecurity team. You can grab a promising cybersecurity salary package for good management and technical skills as a cybersecurity architect.

Average Salary: $140,000 per year according to

4. Penetration Tester (Ethical hacker)

Penetration testers are popularly known as ethical hackers. You might have heard about the term ‘bug bounty’ . Companies reward bug bounty hunters to catch vulnerabilities in their systems. The bug bounty hunter is another name for an ethical hacker.

An ethical hacker spots all the flaws in their security system and then advises the company on strengthening the overall security systems. As a result, they receive excellent cybersecurity salary packages and are often hired by the companies for whom they practice ethical hacking. In addition, most ethical hackers participate in the company’s bug bounty reward programs and earn considerable income.

Average Salary: $110,000 per year according to

5. Malware Analyst

Malware analyst is one of the most sought-after roles in the cybersecurity fraternity. This is because a malware analyst must have top-notch programming skills to understand the source of the attack when malware is injected into the system.

A malware analyst scans the lines of suspicious code and reverses them to mitigate cyber threats. This requires precise knowledge of high-level programming languages.

Average Salary: $90,000 per year according to¨

6. Computer Forensics Specialist

A computer forensics specialist is a kind of detective who will work to keep the company’s safety and financial well-being intact. They are highly qualified professionals who are well-equipped to diffuse cyber attacks.

If you’re a fan of detective shows, then you can be the right fit for this role. A computer forensics specialist will investigate cyber crimes and identify the cyber thugs behind them.

Average Salary: $80,000 per year according to

What is the Average Cybersecurity Salary Range Based on Knowledge and Experience

1. Cybersecurity Analyst

Entry-level Cybersecurity Analyst Mid-level Cybersecurity Analyst Senior-level Cybersecurity Analyst
Experience Less than 1 year 4-9 years 10+ years
Average Salary $80,000 $95,000 $120,000

2. Cybersecurity Engineer

Entry-level Cybersecurity Engineer Mid-level Cybersecurity Engineer Senior-level Cybersecurity Engineer
Experience Less than 1 year 4-9 years 10+ years
Average Salary $140,000 $160,000 $200,000

3. Cybersecurity Architect

Entry-level Cybersecurity Architect Mid-level Cybersecurity Architect Senior-level Cybersecurity Architect
Experience Less than 1 year 4-9 years 10+ years
Average Salary $140,000 $155,000 $190,000

4. Penetration Tester

Entry-level Penetration Tester Mid-level Penetration Tester Senior-level Penetration Tester
Experience Less than 1 year 4-9 years 10+ years
Average Salary $110,000 $115,000 $125,000

5. Malware Analyst

Entry-level Malware Analyst Mid-level Malware Analyst Senior-level Malware Analyst
Experience Less than 1 year 4-9 years 10+ years
Average Salary $90,000 $97,000 $100,000

6. Computer Forensics Specialist

Entry-level Computer Forensics Specialist Mid-level Computer Forensics Specialist Senior-level Computer Forensics Specialist
Experience Less than 1 year 4-9 years 10+ years
Average Salary $80,000 $85,000 $90,000

Note: Salary figures curated from

Build New Skills in Cybersecurity

A career in cybersecurity is promising, but one must keep adding to their skillset as it’s a constantly developing field. Check out the skills you must acquire for a fool-proof career in cybersecurity here.

What is the Highest Salary for a Cybersecurity Analyst in the US?

As per Indeed .com, the highest salary for cybersecurity analysts in the US is around $118,358. At the same time, this figure can dramatically increase with experience and necessary certifications from renowned universities. The salary offerings would rely on location, experience, skills, etc.

Here are a few regions with the highest-paying cybersecurity analyst jobs in the US:

Location Highest Cybersecurity Salary
California $125,000
New York $124,000
New Jersey $123,000
Virginia $117,000

How to Get into the Field of Cybersecurity?

It’s one of the best times to get into cybersecurity. There are an estimated 600,000 open security positions in the US, and companies are offering competitive cybersecurity salary packages to attract aspiring promising talent. However, one needs to start from the beginning and gain exposure. For aspiring cybersecurity professionals, networking opens many doors to newer opportunities. Trust is a critical component in security, and your network may help you land a cybersecurity job!

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